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We offer cutting-edge training solutions, including certificate programmes for working professionals to enhance career advancement and organizational development. We also offer modern and contemporary approaches alongside more traditional management strategies and ideas, constantly developing core competencies to meet ever changing needs of our clients. We have helped our clients achieve their business objectives by delivering practical hands-on-training solutions which we designed and delivered practically, it will make them return to their workplaces with skills that are implementable.


  • WORK SYSTEM PERFORMANCE: We are continually developing our services tailored to our client’s exact needs as well as new initiatives to meet their staff development requirements. We promotes organizational achievement, corporate growth and institutional work-systems performance by providing the specific knowledge, skills and resources needed to achieve our client’s target. This we achieve through our formidable, experienced and dynamic resource teams drawn from various faculties and our affiliation with other local and international training organizations


  • HANDS ON APPROACH: We strive for perfection and consequently rely on our broad-based experience and global best practices in adult learning strategies to engage our trainees on a highly participatory learning expedition. We have feedback mechanism and training performance evaluation system that measure our delivery effectiveness and help tailor our training designs to the specific needs and goals of our clients. Our Curriculum design reflects years of our experience in figuring the human capital needs of our client organizations, and our technology and people-power are unmistakable testimony of our formidable edge in the business


  • CUSTOMISED TRAINING SOLUTION: Leading Edge Business School (LEBS) assists organizations and companies in designing customized training solutions by working with them as their seasoned experts to create learning and development programmes unique to their organization’s culture, practice and strategic goals. Our customized training solutions are designed to consolidate and integrate the key issues of the learning objectives, which are then linked to organizational strategy and culture in order to be fully effective. These programmes are principally cost effective as the courses are only as long as they need to be in order to achieve the learning objectives. They can be conducted at our center, clients’ premises or at a venue of their choice with the right atmosphere and style.


  • THE EXECUTIVE MASTERCLASS: LEBS has been designing and delivering in-house programmes to support your current learning and human capacity development needs. The Executive Master Class is a suite of certificate programmes that provides active learning to individual staff, tracking every employee on how to develop and broaden competencies through our skill and knowledge-based learning facilitation. It also aimed at offering you the opportunity to receive the most incisive and practically focused learning solutions to support your organization through this comprehensive range of corporate training deliveries.

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